Dave Dibert from Maryland, USA distributing new shoes.

Dave Dibert from Maryland, USA distributing new shoes.




“Egoli” is an informal settlement (squatter camp) situated on the Cape Flats in Cape Town, South Africa which came about due to unemployment and the lack of housing.

Since 1999, people have erected structure’s known as shacks, as a form of accommodation. Now 18 years later, Egoli consists of over 2 500 shacks with a population of over 18,000 people. 

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Of this 60% are under the age of 14, teenage pregnancies being the prime reason for this high percentage.

There are many Orphan children in the township with no facility or safe place is provided for them to be fed and helped in basic needs.The unemployment rate in Egoli exceeds 78%.

There is a large percentage of unemployed and unskilled workers with few job opportunities because of a lack of basic life skills training. 

“our hope is to see a significant transformation for this community over the next five years”

John Doyle, Director, Cape Missions International

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THE EGOLI PROJECT (in association with the Tekiah Foundation)

Cape Missions International in partnership with Tekiah Foundation, Pastor Brian Keet, will by the grace of God start the first phase of the Egoli Township Project in the first quarter of 2019.

We see this as a 3 - 4 year project involving the securing of the land and the building of a Community Centre, Church, Educare, Skills Training and Sports playing field through a number of phases.

The first phase will involve the leasing of the land for a period of 2 years and for us to put up a basic structure to help feed the children and families and provide a safe house for the community.

Church Leadership and Life Skills Training will also take place.

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The land will be leased with an option to purchase following the 2 year lease. This has been agreed with the land owner.


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  1. Purchase the land (During the 2 year lease)

  2. Level the land in preparation for building and enclose it for security purposes

  3. Construct an Early Learning Centre using shipping containers

  4. Install a vegetable tunnel and play area

  5. Installation of an artificial turf multi-purpose sports field

  6. Install a roof over the containers to provide an undercover play area for the children

    ….Construct an aftercare facility for primary school children which will include a library and resource centre.

  7. While not included in the phases above the following have also been discussed as requirements for the overall project in the future:

    1. Storage

    2. Offices/Training and Discipleship Centre

    3. Skills Training Facilities/Charity Shop

    4. Containers for Rental to small business as a source of income for Tekiah Foundation

An idea on some of the costs for PHASE ONE of the Egoli Project

The Costs for Phase 1 to be completed by March 2020 is the following:

A. 2 Year lease of the land.

Costs: R 192,000 (R 9,000 per month) ($635.00 USD)

B. Completely outfitted structure (detailed above) including architectural drawings, plans and project management, land leveling, foundations and sports land facility.

B. Costs: R 300,000 

C. Municipal costs, administrative, marketing etc

Costs: R 250,000

TARGET Total Costs: (approx. $ 91,000 USD) (may 2019) (see new update)

Mike (CMI), Bryan (Global Serve/ISF), Brian (Tekiah), John (CMI)

Mike (CMI), Bryan (Global Serve/ISF), Brian (Tekiah), John (CMI)